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The Gerontology National Master Plan | Resources

The role of The Shahbaz

Beginning in the 1970s, fueled by widespread published accounts of abuse, neglect, and fraud in nursing homes, Federal and State governments began raising questions about the quality of care in nursing homes.
After a dismal Institute of Medicine report (1986), the Federal government enacted the Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987. The act prompted an unprecedented focus on quality of life for nursing home residents by establishing a resident bill of rights and requiring a spectrum of services that equally promoted psychosocial and mental well-being alongside physical well-being.
There is a need to be a person in long term care who protects, sustains an nurtured the elder.
Dr’ BIll Thomas found a legend about a royal falcon who watched over the kingdom…
This is the ro;e of the “Shahbaz”, the versatile worker within
The Green House model.

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